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Friday, August 2, 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The best of radio theater project can now be received as a podcast.

Joseph McGuire

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The radio theater project is going great. I have produced the first 24 episodes.

The list includes:
RTP 1-01 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: The Ninescore Mystery and Star Track: The Next Regeneration
RTP 1-02 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: A Castle in Brittany and Grampa Ed’s Twisted Fairy Tales: The Princess and the Pea 
RTP 1-03 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: The Frewin Minatures and Pigs is Pigs
RTP 1-04 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: A Days Folly and Gun Control
RTP 1-05 Cosmic Express and Andy Gunatello, Hood for Hire
RTP 1-06 Underground City Part 1
RTP 1-07 Underground City Part 2
RTP 1-08 Skylark of Space Part 1
RTP 1-09 Skylark of Space Part 2
RTP 1-10 Mysterious Key
RTP 1-11 Expedition on Mars
RTP 1-12 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: Fordych Castle Mystery and Childrens Radio Players: Growing Wings 
RTP 1-13 Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: The Woman in the Big Hat and Childrens Radio Players: Apples Destiny
RTP 1-14 Adventures of Toad Part 1
RTP 1-15 Adventures of Toad Part 2
RTP 1-17 Sjambak
RTP 1-18 Cop and the Anthem
RTP 1-19 Arm of the Law
RTP 1-20 Grampa Ed Twisted Fairytales: Tenderella and Childrens Radio Players: Florist Shoppe
RTP 1-21 Secret Garden Part 1
RTP 1-22 Secret Garden Part 2
RTP 1-23 Secret Garden Part 3
RTP 1-24 Grampa Ed Twisted Fairytales: A Bride for Prince Charming

That is the first series.

We are working on the second series with adaptations of Dr John Thorndyke by R Austin Freeman, SF author Alan Nourse, The Most Dangerous Game and more. The second series will start in the fall.

For a taste of the second series here is the Coffin Cure adapted from a story by Alan E Nourse.


Joseph C McGuire

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Secret Garden

I have just finished Secret Garden for the radio theater project. I feel it is my magnum opus. I adapted into a three part episode. Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote a very audioally adaptable story. The only thing I had to down play was Dickon as he was the most visual character in the story. My focus was the healing of Mary and Collin from the bad treatment of the adults. It was fun piece to adapt. While I will not put this work on the same level as BBC Radio 4 work, I think that it stands up well. Joseph McGuire

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Castle Fordych Mystery

Here is a sample of Lady Molly of Scotland Yard: The Castle Fordych Mystery. This is one based on the short stories by Baroness Orczy. She also wrote the Scarlet Pimpernel.